Meditation & Breathing Therapy


Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to our brain, which increases a feeling of ease…


Focus on how to feel less stressed using breathing techniques. Learn to reflect on the silence around you as you seek to create spiritual growth, reduce stress and anxiety Essential oils are commonly used with this therapy to heal specific areas of our life.


  • Frankincense – (higher state of being)
  • Sage – (clean out negative energy)
  • Palo Santo – (release emotional pain)

Food Therapy


Why food matters and is connected to how we feel.


Healthy eating is a balance. Allowing food to fuel your soul and heal your body and mind is an amazing opportunity. Full fats, rich foods, delicious snacks are all part of a balanced approach to nutrition. Whether you are looking to lose weight, feel better, clear your skin, have more energy, learn how to use food to your advantage, we provide guides, menus and plans to help you get there.

Sex & Relationship Therapy


The relationship we have with ourselves is what determines the relationship we have with others.


Understanding how to love oneself is a key step to loving others and truly letting ourselves feel good. Let your passion come through to help you heighten your potential for emotional love, sexual love and improved intimacy across all relationships.

Shevaya Therapy


A unique method that helps women connect mind, Spirit, Body and Soul using breathe, movement, and Yoni eggs.


Yoni, in Sanskrit means vagina or uterus. Yoni is the source of life.



  • Interact positively with your pelvic floor
  • Toning the pelvic muscles, uterus after pregnancy and pre-menopause
  • Protect against prolapse of the uterus and bladder
  • Allows women to enjoy their sexuality with confidence